1. Outpatient Department (OPD). 

The department has 6 Clinics and 1 Unit. This includes, the general OPD, Dental Clinic, Eye Clinic, VCT, CTC, RCHC and Physiotherapy unit. The department is faced with a challenge of space which necessitates expansion as the number of clients attended at the OPD on daily is increasing gradually. 

2. Surgical Department. 

The department comprises of one Operating Theatre with two operating rooms, minor theatre and two surgical wards (Male and Female). Different types of surgery are performed including Caesarean Section which accounts for the majority of surgical procedures done (49.4% ) followed by Hernioraphy (12.5%). Sterilization unit is also housed in the operating theatre which caters for theatre needs and other hospital departments, but small scale sterilization is also done at minor theatre, Surgical (ward 1 & 8) and maternity ward. The department is in short of surgeon and modern surgical equipment; the existing equipments are few and short of important options. 

3. Medical Department 

The department serves patients hospitalized in various wards according to type of specialty, age and sex. The Department has Bed Occupancy Rate of 51% with 10 words and 135 beds 


4. Obstetrics and Gynaecology 

This is the largest department in terms of number of inpatients served in .The department is staffed with 27 nurses and 2 Assistant Medical Officers (AMO). It admits pregnant women directly without passing through main OPD/Casualty department.  It consists of 8 sections which are Registration, Antenatal for women at risk, Post natal, Post caesarean section, Neonatal and Premature which are served by the Paediatric department, Delivery section and PMTCT. The main services provided are delivery, care of sick neonates, Care of under low birth weight and premature babies (KMC) and it has a challenge of adequate space.

5. Paediatric Department 

The department has one ward serving all under five children together with the neonates unit housed in the Obstetrics and gynaecology department. The ward is small comparing to the number of clients it serves and it does not have a paediatrician 

6. Medical Support Services 

The medical Support Department includes


Radiology and Imaging Unit and

Laboratory Unit and Mortuary Services. 

7. Non Medical Support Services Department 

This department is headed by the Hospital Secretary and mainly concerned with general coordination of non medical support services in the hospital including medical records, Laundry, Kitchen, Registry and Library, Store and supplies, finance and accounts and Social Welfare Services